Our mission

Turning ‘sick’ care into healthcare.

Our mission is clear: to catch health problems before they catch us. Founded by Dr Jesse Greer, MD, Preamble is at the forefront of this next generation of healthcare. Focused on cutting-edge technology and grounded in personalization, Preamble is here to radically change health outcomes and help people live longer, happier lives.

Our solution

Hyper-personalized health plans.

Our proprietary Health Intelligence Report builds a profile that uncovers your silent risk factors and discovers opportunities to vastly improve the quality and length of your life.

We then give customers the option to put their Health Intelligence Reports into action with our Co-Pilot program for maximum impact on healthspan and longevity.

Our difference

Better data, enabled by AI.

Looked at through a proactive and expert lens, delivered with full
support and transparent, accessible pricing.

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